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Votator uses a relatively new method to calculate the result of a poll which is called the Schulze Method. The Schulze Method has been proven to provide more balanced and fair results that represent a closer approximation of the will of a group.

The Condorcet Criterion

The Schulze Method complies with the Condorcet criterion. A voting system satisfies the Condorcet criterion if it chooses the Condorcet winner when one exists. The Condorcet winner is candidate in a poll that would beat every other candidate if they would run one against each other in a poll. The Schulze Method will find such a candidate if one exists. Consequently, the Schulze Method is a Condorcet Method.

Why the Schulze Method is better

The Schulze Method will produce a winner that is more preferred than any other candidate. The Schulze Method allows voters to vote their true preferences without worrying about wasting their vote on a candidate with little or no chance of winning. It frees voters from the possibility that, by voting their true preference, they will neglect to oppose a candidate they strongly disagree with and who could actually win. That is, the Schulze Method eliminates the horse-race effect, which forces voters to consider not only which candidate they prefer, but also what each candidate's chances are of winning. It allows voters to vote for the candidate they agree with most rather than against the major-party candidate they disagree with most. In other words, it eliminates the need for defensive or strategic voting.