• Features and Principles of Ftherm's T Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

    The Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger (SSHE) is commonly utilized in aseptic processing of food stuffs. These heat exchangers are preferred because of their capability to process heat-sensitive, vi

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  • Insect margarine: Processing, sustainability and design

    Butter is one of the foods with a high impact on the environment. Margarine on the other hand isrecognized as a less environmentally impacting spreadable product if it is based on plant hydrogenatedoi

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    HEAT EXCHANGER FOULING Fouling is a major problem in heat transfer technology. Fouling occurs when fluids degrade near the tube wall and layers of solids deposit or stick to the tube wall. These layer

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  • A 3D-CFD model thermal analysis within a scraped surface heat exchanger

    This paper deals with numerical study of the coupled fluid flow and heat transfer within a scraped surface heat exchanger ‘‘SSHEs’’. The finite volume Fluent™ 6.3 code was used to solve continuity, mo

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  • Ftherm® X scraped-surface heat exchanger

    Ftherm® X is a single-wall scraped-surface heat exchanger (SSHE) designed for continuous and semi-continuous processing of an extremely broad range of viscosities. Its unique design offers impressive

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  • Jellification-Make it jelly

    Jellification is defined as the process of turning a substance into a gelatinous form. With this process, liquid substances are converted into solids with the help of a gelling agent. Common gelling a

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  • Pharmaceutical

    Where hygiene is essential!If there is one industry where hygiene is essential, it is the pharmaceutical industry. Maximum attention to hygienic aspects can be a lifesaver. Only when the equipment is

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  • CFD analysis of the flow pattern and local shear rate in a scraped surface heat exchanger

    A numerical investigation of a scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) was undertaken using the commercial CFD code FLUENT to characterize the shear rates for Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids. Simulat

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